We've been finding solutions to your industrial filter needs for nearly 20 years

At Sanders, Inc., we have specialized in designing and developing unique filter applications for nearly 20 years. Simply put, we have an answer to your problem. We design, develop and modify until we find the absolute best solution to your need. It’s what we do.
Our stellar track record began in 1993 as Sanders International Corp. when we were granted a 17-year application patent for a method of continuous roll manufacturing of synthetic filters using state-of-the-art “ultra-sonic welding.” This technology later would become the industry standard for producing all sonic-welded synthetic bag filters in the United States, and is still used today.

In 2001 founder Scott Sanders reformed a Sanders, Inc., to develop and provide unique filtration products for the vertical transportation industry. UTC/Otis asked us to develop a filter to eliminate myriad problems associated with excess carbon dust from generator brush wear in elevator machine rooms. Carbon dust from brush wear created steep costs for elevator service companies, which lost considerable revenue because of unnecessary housekeeping, customer complaints and system failure. True to form, we welcome the challenge and responded by designing a filter that offered almost no restriction or increase in temperature in the generator, even with the filter fully loaded. Additionally, we developed a simple-to-use “DeCarbonator” blowout bag for the removal of all accumulated carbon dust within the generator. Another problem presented; another problem solved.

We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for UTC/Otis Elevators and have been for more than 10 years. For the past seven years, we have been ThyssenKrupp “TKE Preferred Vendor.” We offer a complete line of 157 custom filters for the elimination of carbon dust created by brush wear in AC/DC generators, illustrating our uncommon ability to solve specific filtration issues. We are specified or recommended by virtually every elevator manufacturer and electric brush company out there. After manufacturing and installing thousands of motor generator filters, we’ve not had a single failure in the field, compelling evidence of the attention to detail we put into our quality products and something we embrace with tremendous pride.
More recently, we have developed and introduced a new line of high-efficiency containment filters to contain and remove permanently suspended submicron particulates in facilities. Importantly, the filter is compatible with standard HVAC systems and requires no retrofitting. These submicron particles include pathogens that are among the causes of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and also contribute to pandemics such as Influenza. The containment system is ideal for diverse applications including hospitals, schools, food processing and bottling companies, hotels; anywhere clean air is critical. Part of our motivation to pioneer this system is to assist in the reduction of harmful HAI’s.

Another potential good fit for our containment filtration is government buildings, corporate headquarters or other possible targets of terrorism. The system is a natural to be integrated into any comprehensive plan to protect occupants of a facility because it would slow the dispersal of a pathogen used as a terror weapon, allowing critical time for occupants to escape.
Sanders, Inc., offers a complete line of pre-filters for all cartridges sold worldwide into the gas turbine marketplace. We’ve also developed and introduced a universal fit pre-filter cube suitable for use with both 3- and 4-pocket Vee Pak mini-pleat pocket designs.
So it seems pretty clear why you would come to us for your filter needs. We can and will develop and design a filter to solve any unique filtration application you might have. It is, after all, what we do – and do well – for going on 20 years.