We’ve designed a cost-effective, unique containment filter to trap harmful pathogens and bring the air in your facility to H.E.P.A. or near-H.E.P.A. quality using our cutting-edge technology.




The containment filter fits easily on return vents.




These cutting-edge filtrations products were designed and developed in conjunction with Otis and Schindler elevator companies. They eliminate carbon dust in elevator machine rooms cause by brush wear.

Power point

Carbon dust filter

Blowout bag


PRE-FILTER WRAPS (for gas turbine generators)

Cartridge filters on gas turbine generators take time and money to replace, so at Sanders we’ve created pre-filter wraps that remove and hold coarse particles upstream of your primary filter cartridge.

PDF Spec sheets

1. Our 3- and 4-pocket versions slide snugly over the Vee cell primary filter; 2. The universal cube fits both three and four cell Vee filters; 3. We have wraps to fit both conincal and cylindrical filters, and, as with all of our pre-filters, they boast an arrestance rate of 90 percent.

We'll find a solution to your problem - no problem

After thousands of motor generator filter  installations, we have never had  one failure in the field

At Sanders, Inc., we have specialized in designing and developing unqiue filter applications for nearly 20 years. Simply put, we have an answer to your problem. We design, develop and modify until we find an answer the absolute best solution to your need. It’s what we do. We have introduced patented technolgoy to help the vertical transportation industry, designed a media to trap and and help prevent the spread of harmful pathogens in facilities and developed a line of pre-filters for all cartridges sold worldwide into the gas turbine marketplace. So it seems pretty clear why you would come to us for your filter needs. We can and will develop and design a filter to solve any unique filtration application you might have. It is, after all, what we do – and do well – for going on 20 years. More of our story